While Netflix offers a plethora of high-resolution video content for online streaming, the official Netflix download limits hinder flexible and hassle-free offline playback. This is where tools like TunePat Netflix Video Downloader come into play, aiming to fill this gap by helping users to download Netflix videos in mainstream formats.

However, it’s really important to know if the software works well and can be trusted. To figure this out, we look at things like how easy it is to use, if it keeps the videos looking good, how fast it downloads, if it works with updates, and what people who have used it say. So, we’ve written this review to give you all the information you need about TunePat Netflix Video Downloader.

TunePat Netflix Video Downloader Interface

1. Detailed Review of TunePat Netflix Video Downloader

First of all, let’s also grasp some features of TunePat Netflix Video Downloader to see if it is worth winning our trust. In the following, we will value the best Netflix video downloader mainly from its functionality, output quality, and performance.


TunePat Netflix Video Downloader offers a user-friendly experience with its integrated search engine. This tool empowers users to easily find desired Netflix videos by entering titles or keywords directly, eliminating the need to install the Netflix app or visit the official website.

Additionally, for precise results, you have the option to swiftly locate videos by pasting their Netflix URLs. The software’s efficient speed ensures prompt processing of input keywords and URLs, swiftly delivering the desired results to you.

Rating: 4.5/5

Search Result of TunePat Netflix Video Downloader

Video Quality

TunePat Netflix Video Downloader makes sure your offline Netflix experience is just as good. It offers 3 quality choices to save videos: Low, Medium, and High. You can even go for the best quality at 1080p to keep the videos looking great. This way, you can enjoy your downloaded Netflix videos without any loss of quality.

Rating: 4/5

Download Efficiency

TunePat Netflix Video Downloader prioritizes efficient downloads. It incorporates hardware acceleration technologies tailored for Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD graphics cards, significantly expediting performance. Regular updates of these drivers are vital for sustained efficiency. Further, the software supports batch downloading. When obtaining multiple episodes of a Netflix series, it concurrently processes selections, saving time and enhancing overall efficiency.

Rating: 4.5/5

Audio Settings

TunePat Netflix Video Downloader is great at dealing with Netflix videos that have multiple languages for audio. It can find these languages and let you choose which one to download. Even fancy audio like 5.1 sound is saved along with the video, so you get the same experience as when you watch online. This means you can enjoy Netflix videos like you normally would, with the language you like and cool audio effects, even when you’re not online.

Rating: 4/5

Output Settings of TunePat Netflix Video Downloader

Subtitle Types

TunePat Netflix Video Downloader goes further by giving users useful choices for subtitles. You can choose from various languages for the subtitles and pick how you want to save them, like keeping them inside the video, as separate files, or even directly on the video itself. Plus, the software lets you save these subtitles as SRT files on your own if you want to. This way, you can enjoy your Netflix videos with subtitles that suit you best.

Rating: 4.5/5

2. Pricing of TunePat Netflix Video Downloader

TunePat Netflix Video Downloader is not free, but it provides a free trial for new users. During this trial, you can download the first 5 minutes of a Netflix video. To go beyond this limit, it’s recommended to upgrade to a paid plan. This ensures you can fully benefit from the downloader’s features after testing out the free version.

According to your personal requirements, TunePat provides 3 optional plans for you to get started:

Monthly Subscription Yearly Subscription Lifetime License
Pricing US$16.95 US$59.95 US$129.9
Device 1 PC/Mac 1 PC/Mac 1 PC/Mac
Renewal Auto-renewal, free cancellation at anytime Auto-renewal, free cancellation at anytime One-time purchase to access the function forever
Refund policy 5-day money-back guarantee 5-day money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee

Once you are upgraded to be the registered user of TunePat Netflix Video Downloader, you are able to enjoy the following services as well:

Lifetime free update to enjoy the enhanced video download services all the time;

24/7 customer support to resolve any of your problems whenever you need it.

3. Verdict on TunePat Netflix Video Downloader

In summary, TunePat Netflix Video Downloader excels in user-friendly features, speedy downloads, and quality maintenance, making it a dependable option for Netflix video retrieval. However, its quality focus may result in larger file sizes, impacting storage. Prospective users seeking efficient Netflix downloads should consider this trade-off, as the software maintains a balance between video quality and storage usage, tailored to individual preferences and storage capacity.

4. Best Alternative to TunePat Netflix Video Downloader

For users who desire a smarter Netflix video downloader that could better handle the video output quality and the file size but without giving up the benefits brought by TunePat Netflix Video Downloader, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader is a considerable choice for you.

As an alternative to TunePat Netflix Video Downloader, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader
will deliver the same services as TunePat is able to provide. They are concluded from the same aspects as the above parts:


MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader is compatible with the same built-in search feature to enable users to access Netflix videos by entering keywords or pasting URLs. It is able to provide entirely the same results as Netflix official will provide, even much more accurate than TunePat.

MovPilot Search Result

Video quality

MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader is able to maintain a good balance between output quality and file size. It applies the H256 codec to output the video files, which would help to further reduce the file sizes of the same HD 1080p, compared with the traditional H254 codec used by many other video downloaders.

Download efficiency

To improve efficiency, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader has also been equipped with built-in acceleration techs to enable batch conversion at a fast speed. Through testing with TunePat at the same time, MovPilot performs even much faster while batch downloading the same 3 long Netflix videos.

MovPilot Download Speed

Audio Settings

In addition to the 5.1 audio and multilingual tracks detection, MovPilot is also compatible with the audio description extraction. Meanwhile, it works to preserve the surround sound, without affecting the audio effect of the original resources at all.

MovPilot Audio Settings

Subtitle Types

Likewise, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader is able to extract subtitles as SRT files, or download them with optional languages in other 2 selectable subtitle types such as hard subtitles and soft subtitles.

MovPilot Subtitle Types

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, TunePat Netflix Video Downloader does offer reliable services for its dear users to enjoy the convenience and download Netflix videos for boosting more flexible offline video playback. But if you also consider a better choice, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader can be a backup for you. It preserves all the advantages that TunePat could bring, and even works more excellently, enabling your Netflix video download process to be smoother and with better outputs!

MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

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