“Can I stream Amazon Prime on Discord with buddies?” Well, the answer is definitely YES! I often hear people asking this question on Discord, and it’s no surprise. After all, there’s no compare to winding down on a Friday night, finishing up a gaming session with friends, and then cracking open a tin of cola to watch a movie together. It’s the epitome of relaxation and brotherhood.

However, making this happen can be a bit challenging. But don’t worry! In this article, I’m going to walk you through the simplest method to achieve this goal. So, if you’re curious to learn more, keep reading!

1. Stream Amazon Prime on Discord as Online Content

Now, let’s reveal how to stream Amazon Prime video on Discord. It’s pretty easy thanks to Discord’s game streaming feature, which lets you share not only your gameplay but also videos with your friends. But it’ll be a bit complex to do it. You see, Discord is designed for video games, so it doesn’t automatically allow you to stream videos by default, but you can still manually set up this feature. Once you get it done, you and your gaming buddies will be able to watch movies together in no time!

💡 Note:

This method won’t allow you to watch Amazon Prime content offline. Additionally, for the best experience, make sure you’re using Windows 10 or Mac OS 10.13 or above, as these systems allow audio to be sent during the stream. Plus, if you have a Premium Discord Nitro subscription, you can stream in resolutions up to 1080p or even 4K with a smooth frame rate of 60fps.

Step 1: Launch Discord on your computer, and click on the gear icon to access your settings.

Open Discord on Computer

Step 2: Select Registered Games from the menu and then click on Add it to add Prime Video. Press on Add Game, and then you’ll see a drop-down menu, just ignore it and hit X in the upper right corner.

Click Add it to Add Prime Video

Step 3: Navigate to the voice channel where you want to stream. Next to Prime Video for Windows (or your respective system), click on the monitor icon.

Press to Monitor Videos on Discord

Step 4: Now, you can choose your preferred voice channel, resolution, and frame rate. Finally, click Go Live to start streaming.

Start Streaming on Discord

And there you have it! You’re now streaming Amazon Prime Video in a Discord voice channel. Go invite your friends to join you, and you can all enjoy the movie together.

2. Stream Amazon Prime on Discord as Local Videos

Streaming Amazon videos on Discord online does come with drawbacks though. Due to Amazon’s terms, they may detect and prevent you from continuing streaming, resulting in a black screen. Also, the live streaming quality may be relatively bad based on unstable Internet connections. In this case, streaming Amazon Prime videos as local files on Discord will be a better choice.

Movpilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader is the tool that will help you achieve this. With its powerful functions, you can easily get rid of Amazon Prime’s download limits, and use the built-in browser to search for and download Amazon Prime videos on computer. Once finished, you can monitor local videos through Discord with your buddies, and will not be bothered with black-screen issues.

👍 Key Features of Movpilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader:

  • Convert Amazon Prime videos to Full HD 1080P MP4/MKV format.
  • Effortlessly download multiple episodes in batches at a Blazing-fast 5X speed.
  • Retain the original audio and subtitles in a choice of up to 6 languages.
  • Experience immersive playback with preserved Dolby Atmos 5.1 surround sound for unparalleled audio quality.

Now, just follow my steps to see how to stream Amazon movies on Discord.

Step 1: Download Movpilot Amazon Video Downloader on your Windows or Mac computer, launch it, and then log into your Amazon account.

Log into Your Amazon Account

Step 2: Enter keywords or paste the URL of your desired movie in the search bar to find it. Also, you can customize the download quality, formats, etc. under the “Settings” tag.

Search for the Movie on MovPilot

Step 3: Hit the drop-down menu and checkmark the box to select which movie/episode you want to download. Then click on the download button to download the specific movie and watch it offline.

Download Amazon Movies on MovPilot

Step 4. After downloading movies to our computer locally, you can play your video and share the screen with your mates. Choose a channel from the menu on the left bar, press the screen button on the bottom left corner of the screen, and play the video you want to stream to share from the pop-down menu.

Share Screen and Stream Amazon Videos on Discord

FAQ: Why Do I Fail to Stream Amazon Prime on Discord?

Sometimes, we might encounter issues like failing to stream Amazon Prime on Discord. One common problem is seeing a black screen instead of the video. If this happens, try closing and reopening Discord as there might be an update needed. If that doesn’t work, a simple computer restart might tackle the issue.

Alternatively, you can switch your video source. If you’re using the Amazon Prime app, try using a web browser instead. If you’re already using a browser, consider turning off hardware acceleration or switching to a different browser. These steps can often fix those issues on Amazon and get Prime videos streaming smoothly on Discord again.


To sum up, while there is a direct way to stream Amazon Prime on Discord, a more stable and reliable solution is using Movpilot Amazon Video Downloader. By using this app, you’re able to download Amazon Prime videos locally on your computer and then share them with your friends on Discord, avoiding black screen issues and enjoying seamless viewing experiences. So, if you’re interested in this hassle-free method, feel free to give it a try!

MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader

Download Amazon Prime Movies and Shows to Watch Offline Easily!



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