Amazon Prime has gained popularity for its vast movie selection. However, you may find your desired movies are not included in your subscription, or you only plan to watch them occasionally. Under these circumstances, renting movies from Amazon Prime will be a wiser choice. In this post, we will mainly share with you how to rent movies on Amazon Prime easily, offering more info about its rules, and more tips about its usage.

How to Rent Movies on Amazon Prime

Things to Know About Renting Amazon Prime Movies

Amazon Prime Movies offers rental services for both paid users and non-Prime members. When you have rented a movie, you usually have 30 days to watch it, during which you can start viewing at any time. But once the playback starts, the movie will only be valid within 48 hours, and a few of them will expire in 7 days. During the validity period, you can watch the rented movie multiple times.

Prcing has always been an unignorable concern for most of you. Generally speaking, rentals for older titles charge $3.99 – $4.99 while new releases are priced between $19.99 and $24.99, but it should be noted that rental prices may decrease after a new movie’s theatrical release ends. As for the limitations, Prime users can rent up to 3 videos simultaneously, but only 1 video can be viewed on a single Prime account and device at a time.

How to Rent Movies on Amazon Prime on Computer/Phone

Now you have a comprehensive understanding of renting Amazon movies, if you hope to acquire the concrete steps of how to operate this, just follow the content listed below. You can rent Prime Video from your PC or Prime Video application. The screenshots are for the desktop, but all of the menu buttons are identical to the phone.

Step 1. Visit Prime Video on your computer or open the app directly on your phone, and go to the search bar and find the film you’d like to rent.

Step 2. Choose the “Rent” option for your desired quality, or you can select “More purchase options” to view all options.
Rent Amazon Prime Movies

Step 3. Confirm by choosing Continue (Website) or Confirm Rental (Mobile app), then click Watch Now to start the watching experience immediately.
Watch Rented Amazon Movies

Surely there is an option for you to download rented or purchased Amazon videos in case there is no stable Internet connection for smooth playback. To achieve this, just head to the Purchase tab to see your rentals, and tap one of them to enter the detailed page, where you can find the Download button easily.

📌 Tips:

If the rental lease is overdue, but you still feel like watching the expired movies more times, downloading Amazon Prime videos to your computer directly for offline viewing can be a good choice without frequency troubles. As the official download feature has many limits, you can try third-party download tools, like MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader, to get rid of all difficulties.

FAQs About Renting Movies on Amazon Prime

Is It Better to Rent Amazon Prime Movies or Purchase Them?

Whether to rent or purchase Amazon Prime movies depends on your personal needs and watching habits as each of the two strategies has its advantages. Renting usually means lower cost and instant viewing, but without long-term ownership, whereas purchasing indicates the chance of more convenient offline viewing, and family sharing adding to the flexibility, and long-term ownership.

All things considered, if you only want to watch a movie for a short period, and want to be more economical, then renting is a good choice. If you want to keep Amazon Prime movies forever to watch them at any given time without the Internet, then buying them may be more appropriate. Depending on the circumstances, you also have the flexibility to choose between renting and buying as needed.

Do Amazon Prime Members Still Need to Rent Some Videos?

Yes, even Amazon Prime members may need to rent certain videos. While Prime members have access to a vast library of included content, some movies or newer releases may require an additional rental fee. These rentals typically have a separate cost and are not covered by the standard Prime membership. Luckily, Prime members may receive discounts or exclusive offers, so pay attention to the price info before rentals.


All in all, you have learned all the steps on how to rent movies on Amazon Prime, and the time limitation behind Amazon Prime rentals, such as finishing them within 48 hours after you have started. To bypass the restriction, you can turn to MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader for help, which is a professional and powerful movie-extracting tool to help you download Prime videos locally forever.

MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader

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