Is your Android device also running out of storage and now the device performance is worse than before, so you want to save Netflix movies to an SD card instead of deleting them?

For sure, saving Netflix movies to the internal memory of an Android device would quickly take up storage, leading to many other errors. So today, this article is going to share two helpful ways (including the official method) to help save Netflix movies to an SD card on Android and free up your device storage – move video to SD card on Netflix directly, download Netflix to MP4 and save them to your SD Card.

1. How to Move Movies to SD Card on Netflix?

The Netflix app for Android has a setting option for you to easily change the place to save the downloaded Netflix movies from internal memory to the SD card directly. If you have used Netflix on Android and downloaded Netflix movies for offline viewing, within the app, you can follow the tutorial below on how to move Netflix movies to SD Card.

  1. Open the Netflix app on your Android device, then go to “More” and choose the “App Settings” option.
  2. Then scroll down the page and find “Downloads” to enter the settings menu.
  3. Select “Download Location” and a window will pop up. Now you can choose “SD Card” as the location to save the downloaded Netflix movies on your Android device.

Set SD Card as Netflix Download Location

2. Download Netflix Videos to MP4 and Move Them to Your SD Card

However, even though you directly download movies to SD card on Android as the Netflix app allows you to, it is still not possible for you to play them outside the Netflix app because of the DRM protection. That means you still need to open the Netflix app to play the downloaded Netflix movies instead of using other video players.

To overcome this limitation, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader is another option for you. This software provides a high-quality download function for you to easily download Netflix movies to Windows as common video files (in MP4/MKV format). Once finished, you can save them to a microSD card directly without occupying the internal memory of the devices, then enjoy the playback offline on Android using any player freely.

👍 Key Features of MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

● Provides common format options such as MP4 and MKV to save downloaded Netflix videos

● Offers the best 1080P to save Netflix movies for having an enjoyable offline playback experience

● Batch downloads Netflix movies and TV shows at a 5X faster speed

● Keep all languages of the audio and subtitles for you to select freely

● Supports outputting subtitles as soft subtitles, hard subtitles, and external subtitles

● Preserves original audio description and 5.1 surround sound

Step 1. Get MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

After installing MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader on your computer, you can open the software and then use your own Netflix account to sign in. You can check the “Remember me” option to keep your account signed in without doing it again the next time you use the software.

Log into Netflix on MovPilot

Step 2. Search for Netflix Movies to Download

Now you can directly use the search engine provided within MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader to find the Netflix movies you want to save to an SD card for playback offline on Android. Type in keywords to find the results or directly copy the URL when you are watching a movie on Netflix to access the accurate Netflix movie.

Search to Download Netflix Movies via MovPilot

Step 3. Set up Format and Language to Download

Then by clicking the “Setting” icon on the top right corner, you can open the “Settings” window to set up the “Video Format”, “Video Codec”, “Audio Language”, “Subtitle Language”, and also subtitle type to download Netflix movies. These settings will apply to all movies at once.

MovPilot Settings Page

But if you just want to do the output settings for one Netflix movie, you should click the “Setting” icon provided behind the video.

Output Settings on MovPilot

Step 4. Download Netflix Movies Offline

When you have done the settings, you can directly press the “Download” buttons provided after all the Netflix movies you want to download to save them offline on your computer now. Just wait for the download to finish and you can check the results under “History”.

Select Season or Episodes to Download

Step 5. Move Netflix Movie to SD Card

If your SD card is well-installed in your Android device, once you get the downloaded Netflix movies, just connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable. Drag and drop the movies to the folder where you wish to keep them.

Move Netflix Movies to SD Card on Windows

If you are downloading Netflix movies on your Mac or you don’t install an SD card in your Android phone, you can use an external reader to insert your SD card into the computer, then you can open its folder to directly save the downloaded Netflix movies to SD card by dragging them there.

Save Netflix Movies to SD Card on Mac

After that, you can insert the SD card into your Android and immediately access the downloaded Netflix movies to play them in any installed media player without using Netflix app freely as you want!

3. FAQs About Moving Netflix to SD Card

How to Fix Netflix Doesn’t See SD Card?

If you can’t find the SD card option within the Netflix app while trying to change another download location to save the Netflix movies offline, your SD card may have a problem. For sure, you can change to another SD card to try, but instead, you can first try reinserting the existing SD card to see if Netflix can detect it again. Here are the steps for you.

  1. Open “Settings” on your Android device and go to “Storage & USB”.
  2. Choose “Eject” then turn off your device and remove the SD card.
  3. Wait for a minute and put the SD card back in the slot. Now turn on your Android device once again.
  4. Try to go to the Netflix app and change the download location following the steps mentioned in Part 1.

When Do Netflix Downloads Expire?

If you are using the official download function provided by Netflix, remember that the Netflix downloads have expiration, even if you have saved them to an SD card.

Most Netflix downloads can be saved for offline playback for 7 days, and they will all expire after this period ends. Some other downloads even last for a short time, which can only be played within 48 hours after the download finishes. Netflix will notify you how many days or times remain for each download in the “Downloads” section of the app, showing beside the titles of the videos.

How to Reduce Netflix Storage?

If you keep downloading Netflix titles without managing your library, your phone storage can be easily occupied. To reduce storage, you can follow the tutorial below:

  1. Hit the hamburger menu and select “My Downloads”.
  2. Tap “Edit” and then select the title you don’t need and remove it.

Chances are you want to delete all your downloads. You can go to the App Settings and delete them all.


So actually, saving Netflix movies to an SD card on Android can directly be done within the Netflix app itself. But this won’t change the limitations for the Netflix downloads – you can only use Netflix to play the downloads, and they will still expire once the available playback time ends.

To remove all these limitations and save Netflix movies to an SD card, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader is the best software you can try. It will also keep the best quality and original languages without affecting your offline Netflix movie playback experience. Now, freely install it on your Windows/Mac computer by clicking the provided download button here!

MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

Download Netflix Movies and Shows to Watch Offline Easily!



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