When you have purchased the Amazon Firestick and decided to start streaming some original shows on it, you may consider Hulu as it is one of the most popular on-demand media streaming services in the United States, with lots of movie and TV show resources provided. But how to watch Hulu on Firestick? Should you install the Hulu app on it to process the video playback? Is it possible to watch Hulu shows on Firestick released in other countries without limitations? In the following, the blog will answer all the questions to solve your confusion. Now, let’s get started!

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How to Watch Hulu Videos on Firestick Without Hulu Software

No matter whether you desire a more affordable or hassle-free way to watch Hulu on Firestick without installing the Hulu app, this desktop software is right here to help. MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader is able to help you download all types of Hulu shows, including Hulu shows, movies, originals, and sporting videos to encryption-free videos of the mainstream MP4/MKV formats without quality loss. Then, users are available to transfer them to USB and import them to Firestick for streaming offline without using Hulu the app or Hulu + Live TV subscription at all. Compared with Hulu’s subscription fee, you would cost much less using MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader!

Highlighted Features of MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader

  • Available to output all Hulu shows in mainstream MP4/MKV formats without ads;
  • Preserve the original HD 1080p for guaranteeing a great video streaming experience offline;
  • Fast speed ensured with built-in acceleration teaches;
  • Optional language options are available to save audio tracks and subtitles freely;
  • Soft subtitles, hard subtitles and external subtitles are available for selection;
  • User-friendly interface and built-in search feature to quickly access Hulu shows available.

Now, also go through the brief guide to grasp how to download Hulu for streaming on Firestick via MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader in several easy steps:

STEP 1. Log in and Select Hulu Region

After completing the software installation, launch MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader and log in via your Hulu account. Then you would be required to select the region of your account by navigating to “Settings” > “Website (Country/Region)”.

STEP 2. Search for Hulu shows

After that, directly enter the title of the Hulu show you desire to stream offline on Firestick. Or you are able to accurately access it by entering the URL to the frame bar. Then, MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader will quickly grasp the results and provides them for you to select.

Search for Hulu Movie

STEP 3. Customize Output Parameters

By hitting the gear icon on the upper-right place of the interface, you are able to adjust the output parameters before processing the Hulu video download. The video format, codec, subtitle/audio language, subtitle type, and also output folder are all available to be adjusted here based on your requirements.


To customize for one Hulu video separately, you should hit the setting icon provided after the video title.

 Settings of MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader

STEP 4. Download Hulu Videos

When the settings are completed, directly hit the provided download icon after the Hulu video you desire to download offline and transfer to Firestick for streaming. If the show contains more than one video, you will need to select the exact videos before processing the download.

Select Hulu Episode to Download

STEP 5. Import to USB and Watch Hulu on Firestick

Once the Hulu show is downloaded in MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader, you are able to access the output folder and grasp it and watch them offline on any device. Now, use a USB or microSD card to preserve the downloaded Hulu show. Then by importing it to the port on Firestick, the device will read the downloaded Hulu show and play it for you without Hulu app or network connection!

 Finished Downloading Hulu Episode

How to Watch Hulu Shows on Firestick Officially?

To stream Hulu shows on Amazon Firestick directly, users are required to subscribe to Hulu + Live TV to access a range of channels for playback, costing US$64.99/month with ads. For the ads-free Hulu streaming services on Firestick, the subscription fee would be raised to US$70.99/month.

If you have subscribed to the official Hulu + Live TV subscription, you are available to directly stream Hulu shows on Firestick through the official method. Now, the following steps will guide you through the correct way to watch Hulu on Firestick officially:

STEP 1. Awake your Amazon Firestick and use the remote control to search for “Hulu + Live TV” from the provided search tab.

STEP 2. Install the app right on your Firestick.

STEP 3. Now, launch the Hulu + Live TV app and login via your Hulu account with the subscription.

STEP 4. Complete the setup, then you are available to directly stream the Hulu shows within the app while connecting to the Wi-Fi!

Watch Hulu on Firestick Officially

In addition to the expensive subscription fee, Firestick users are only allowed to stream the shows available in the regions where their Hulu accounts are created. That means it won’t be possible for you to stream those regional-limited Hulu shows released outside your account regions. If you desire to stream them on your Amazon Firestick, you will need extra help from MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader and rip videos off Hulu.

FAQs About Watching Hulu on Firestick

Grasp more knowledge about Hulu streaming on Firestick with these FAQs raised by users from around the globe!

Q: How to Watch Hulu on Firestick from Outside the US?

A. As Hulu is an American online streaming service, it means that users outside the USA will not be able to access the shows for playback. Hence, to get over this limitation and stream Hulu on Firestick from outside the US, you are able to rely on a VPN to locate your IP address in the US one. Then you can access Hulu shows for streaming on Firestick.

Additionally, it is also possible for you to pre-download the Hulu shows with MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader (the software is region-free and is able to access Hulu shows even without VPN), then transfer them to your Firestick devices for playback offline!

Q: Hulu App Is Not Available on My Firestick. How to Fix It?

A. Firstly, you are able to check through the list for seeing if your Firestick version is supported by Hulu. If you have installed Hulu app on the device but it fails to work properly, simply try re-installing or restart your device. When the problem still fails to fix, you are able to contact Hulu customer support to help solve it. Otherwise, selecting to download them using MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader and import to USB for playback on Firestick is also an ideal way to work it out.


Although Hulu + Live TV is compatible with Amazon Firestick, it would be much more expensive to subscribe to the service every month. Instead, using MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader offers more affordable services to download Hulu for streaming on Firestick at no quality loss. Moreover, it is able to get over the regional limitations and download all Hulu shows offline. Hence, through comparison, MovPilot deserves your try!

MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader

Download Hulu Movies and Shows to Watch Offline Easily!



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