Replacing being compatible on mobile devices or computers, HBO Max has announced the compatibility with gaming consoles, including PlayStation. Therefore, more than being a simple video game player, you can discover more means that are entertaining on your PS4/PS5. Today, this post will provide a way leading you to watch HBO Max on PlayStation smoothly. Now, please scroll down and follow up to get started.

Part 1. How to Get HBO Max on PS4 & PS5

As HBO Max is well compatible with PlayStation devices such as PS4 and PS5, before proceeding with the video streaming, you need to first complete the application installation on the game console. The following procedures will guide you through how.

Install HBO Max on PS4

  1. On PS4, open the PlayStation store and search for the HBO Max application.
  2. Click on the icon to enter its information page, and then confirm to install the app.
  3. Open the well-installed HBO Max app and log in utilizing your credentials.
  4. Proceed with the high-quality HBO Max video streaming experience on PS4 in no time!

PS4 Install HBO Max App

Install HBO Max on PS5

  1. Please go to Media > All Apps on PS5 and search for access to the HBO Max app.
  2. Select it from the search results, and then install HBO Max on PS5 in no time by clicking on the Download button.
  3. After getting the HBO Max app, open it and complete the login.
  4. Enjoy a nice video streaming experience in HBO Max from today!

Get HBO Max on PS5

Part 2. How to Sign in to and Watch HBO Max on PS4 & PS5

If you have installed the HBO Max app on PS4/PS5, please continue signing in and proceed with the video streaming on your game console. There have two paths to log in to HBO Max on PlayStation, which are by utilizing your HBO Max account or through a provider. Let us see how both of them work.

Sign in with an HBO Max account

  1. After opening the HBO Max app on PlayStation, tap the Profile icon on the main feed.
  2. Select Sign in and enter both your email account and the password.
  3. Confirm to sign in and access the video database and proceed with the video streaming within the app.

Sign in HBO

Sign in with a Provider

This login method is available for those who get HBO Max accompanied by the TV package, Internet service, or wireless plan you have subscribed to. Simply follow the procedures below to access the premium streaming service in HBO Max on your PS4/PS5 game console.

  1. Open HBO Max and click on the Profile icon.
  2. Select the Sign in with a Provider at the bottom.
  3. Once a 6-character code appears on the screen, utilize your mobile phone or a computer to go to in a web browser.
  4. After entering the 6-character code and clicking on Next, select the provider option that you get HBO Max from.
  5. Please enter your username and password of the provider account to complete the login.
  6. Now, return back to your TV and check, then you can discover that you have signed in to HBO Max.

Sign in with a Provider PlayStation

FAQs about Watching HBO Max on PlayStation

Now, also walk through these FAQs to know more details to watch HBO Max on PlayStation.

Can I Watch HBO Max in 4K on PS4 & PS5?

What you need to know is that only users who have subscribed to the HBO Max Ad-Free plan get the right to enjoy the 4K UHD video streaming within the app.

Since June 2022, HBO Max has launched the 4K video streaming feature after a version update on PS5. Once upgrading to the latest HBO Max, you can access the 4K streaming experience on the game console. As for PS4, it is unfortunate that it is not supported by the 4K video streaming service on HBO Max on PS4.

Why is HBO Max Not Working on PS4 & PS5?

When you run into the trouble of HBO Max not working on PS4 & PS5, please consider whether you are in the following circumstances:

Based on the reason causing your HBO Max app to fail to work on PlayStation, get the correct method to fix it and you will enable the streaming back to normal again.


When HBO Max is compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, it turns the game console into a multi-functional entertaining device for saving much fun. After reading this post, you get the way to install HBO Max and enjoy the high-definition video streaming on your PS4/PS5 directly. Now, just enjoy!

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