When you go out, watching Netflix movies on your iPhone/iPad can be great entertainment. However, you may face the challenge of unstable Wi-Fi connections. Whether you’re looking for uninterrupted viewing or want to save your data plan, it’s a good idea to download Netflix episodes to your iPad or iPhone for flexible offline viewing.

This post will show you 2 efficient ways to download movies from Netflix to iPad/iPhone, including a powerful Netflix downloaderMovPilot Netflix Video Downloader, to help you smoothly watch Netflix shows and movies offline. Let’s take a look!

Download Netflix Movies to iPad and iPhone

Part 1: Use Netflix App to Download Movies from Netflix on iPad/iPhone

You can download movies on Netflix using the Netflix App for iPad or iPhone. The Netflix app supports downloading Netflix movies and shows up to 4K resolution for offline viewing. This is very convenient, but there are some Netflix download limits and requirements that you must know.

System Version iOS/iPad OS 15.0 and later
Subscription Plan Standard Plan Without Ads or higher
Range of Download Videos Marked with “Available for Download”
Offline Viewing Limitations Downloads can only be streamed within the Netflix App and will expire after 2-7 days
Download Quantity Limitations Up to 100 downloads for one account

👀 Note:

You may check the device information in “Settings” to confirm if your device is compatible with the Netflix app: For iPhones, you need an iPhone 6S & 6S Plus or above. For iPads, you need an iPad 5, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro and later.

If you already understand and can accept the above download limit of the Netflix App, you can follow the steps below to download Netflix videos on iPadOS or iOS 15 and later.

  1. Launch the well-installed Netflix App on iPad/iPhone. Then, log in with your Netflix account.
  2. Hit the icon in the upper-left corner, and select the Available for Download section.
  3. Browse and select the Netflix movie you want to download. Tap on it to open the information page.
  4. Hit the provided Download button. Check the download process and downloaded content in the Downloads section.

Download Netflix Video on iPhone

Part 2: Use Netflix Video Downloader to Save Episodes to iPad/iPhone

Although the official Netflix app on iPad/iPhone allows for downloading movies, you can’t download some of the content due to copyright reasons. In such circumstances, professional Netflix video downloaders can help you out.

MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader provides downloads of ANY Netflix movies and shows with even an ad-supported Netflix plan. The tool can remove DRM encryption and convert Netflix videos to MP4 or MKV format at 1080P resolution, for permanent offline enjoyment on your computer. You can transfer the converted files to your iPad or iPhone (with any iOS version) for flexible offline playback.

More Advanced Features of MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader:

  • Provides a built-in Netflix browser to access the whole Netflix library.
  • Adopts hardware acceleration to maximize downloading speed up to 5X faster.
  • Original audio tracks and subtitles are available to be preserved.
  • Preserve Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound for superior playback.
  • Save subtitles as soft subtitles, hard subtitles, or external subtitles.

Here’s the full guide for you to download Netflix movies/shows to iPad/iPhone with MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader.

STEP 1. Log into your Netflix Account

Once the MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader installation completes, launch the software and log in via your Netflix account.

Log in to Netflix

STEP 2. Search Netflix Movie

On the main interface, enter the keywords and search for the Netflix movie you desire to download. Or you can directly paste the URL to the frame bar for quick accessing as well.

Search for Netflix Video

STEP 3. Select Netflix Movie or TV Show Episodes to Download

For a single movie download, simply hit the download button near the search result.

Select Season or Episodes

For TV shows/series with multiple episodes, hit the search result to show the detail page. Select the episodes you want to download. Then click the download button.

STEP 5. Transfer Downloaded Netflix Movies to iPad/iPhone

After downloading, check the downloaded videos in the History tab. Hit the “open folder” icon to access the video files and you can use iTunes to sync them to your iPad/iPhone directly. Then, you can enjoy Netflix movies/shows on your iPad or iPhone without any limitation.

Download History

Here’s how to transfer downloaded Netflix videos to your iPhone/iPad:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable.
  2. Launch iTunes and drag the videos you wish to watch on your iPhone or iPad to it.
  3. Navigate to “Movies”, select the ones you wish to transfer and hit “Apply” at the bottom.

Transfer Downloaded Netflix Files to iOS Devices

FAQs About Downloading Netflix Movies to iDevices

Encounter with any confusion about downloading Netflix movies/shows to iDevices? Grasp these FAQs to solve your concerns!

Q1: Can I Download Netflix Shows on Mac?

Unfortunately, there is no Mac version of the Netflix App for the time being, so you can only choose to use browsers, like Safari or Google Chrome, to watch Netflix videos online, but not available to save them as local files.

So if you want to download Netflix videos on MacBook/iMac for offline watching, we suggest you use MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader. The tool works just as well on Mac devices as it does on Windows. As long as you have a Netflix account with a basic Plan subscription, you can use it to download your favorite Netflix movies locally.

Q2: Why can’t I download Netflix on an iPad?

If you find that you can’t download movies in the Netflix App installed on your iPad, or you can’t find the download button, there may be two reasons. First, your iPad model is too old to support the download function of Netflix App, you may try to download Netflix on aother newer iPad. Or, your Netflix App version is old. You need to update it to the latest version, so you can use the latest features fully.

Q3: Where Do Netflix Downloads Go on iPhone?

If you use the official Netflix App to download movies and shows for offline viewing on iPhone/iPad, once the download completes, you are able to access the downloaded content under “Menu” > “Downloads” in the lower right corner. All offline resources will be preserved in this section.

Check Downloaded Videos on Netflix App


Netflix App has provided the official download method for you to download movies/shows from Netflix on iPad/iPhone for offline viewing, but it has so many limitations as mentioned above. Under such circumstances, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader is the best way to help. With this software, you can enjoy Netflix resources playback offline in a hassle-free way without restrictions at all.

Now, download the software for free and try out its amazing features!

MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

Download Netflix Movies and Shows to Watch Offline Easily!



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