Watching Netflix videos online takes a lot of data, and not all locations offer a stable Wi-Fi network. In this case, you can avoid these troubles by downloading Netflix Movies to your Android phone/tablet in advance to watch Netflix videos offline.

But how to achieve this goal? Today’s post will show you 2 efficient ways to download Netflix movies on Android devices using the official Netflix Android App and a third-party program on computers. Read on and pick one to get started!
How to Download Netflix Movies to Android

1. Download Movies from Netflix on Android via Netflix App

Netflix’s official App offers a way to download Netflix movies to your Android device for offline viewing. This method also works for downloading videos from Netflix on iOS devices. A paid Netflix Membership Plan is required to use this method. If you have subscribed to the Netflix Basic Plan (Without Ads) or higher, you can follow the steps below to download Netflix movies using the Android Netflix App.

    1. Open the Netflix app, sign in with your Netflix account, and click the menu icon in the top-left corner. Then from the menu, select the “Available for Download” option.
    2. Now you can browse in this section and open the information page of the Netflix video you want to download offline for playback on your Android tablet.
    3. Click the “Download” button and the Netflix video will be saved to the “Downloads” section in the Netflix app directly. You can access the downloaded videos by tapping the “Downloads” tab in the bottom menu and watching them offline.

    Download Netflix Video on Android Phone

    How to Change the Download Quality of Netflix Movies on Android

    If your Android heats up and stutters while watching downloaded Netflix movies, it may be due to the high download quality straining your device’s memory and CPU. To fix this issue, adjust the download quality to ease the load on your Android device without compromising your viewing experience.

    1. Run the Netflix App and tap the “Profile” icon.
    2. Enter “App Settings”, and find the “Download Video Quality” option. Tap into it, and select “Standard” or “High” as your needs.

    Change Android Netflix Download Video Quality

    How to Download Movies from Netflix to SD Card on Android

    Typically, when you download Netflix movies on Android devices using the Netflix Android App, your device will save the downloads to your internal storage by default. If you don’t want to use too much memory, or your device is low on storage, you can move Netflix downloads to SD card by changing the default settings to free up memory on Android phone/tablet.

    1. In the Netflix app, click “More” and select the “App Settings” option.
    2. Find “Downloads” from the menu and open it to select “Download Location”.
    3. In the pop-up window, select “SD Card”. Then your Netflix downloads will be saved to the SD card instead of using up the internal storage of your Android tablet.

    Change Netflix Download Location to SD Card

    How to Enable Netflix Smart Downloads on Android

    If you don’t want to click on the videos manually to download but still need the content to be available for offline viewing, you can use the Smart Downloads features on the Netflix App. It can save you time by automatically downloading videos related to the movie you selected. You can follow the guide below to set it up.

    1. On the Netflix App’s homepage, tap the “Profile” icon to enter.
    2. On the “App Settings” page, tap “Smart Downloads”.
    3. Enable “Download Next Episode” to let Netflix automatically download the next episode of a series you downloaded. Or, tap the “Downloads for You” section to let Netflix automatically download the titles it finds relevant to you.

    Enable Netflix Smart Downloads on Android

    2. Download Netflix Movies to Android Devices via Netflix Downloader

    Although the Netflix Android App has provided the offline mode available for you to download Netflix videos for offline viewing, it also has many download limitations.

    Given the drawbacks, how can you download movies from Netflix on Android devices as local files for permanent offline viewing? MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader is all you need. It works on both Windows and Mac systems for you to download all Netflix videos as common MP4 and MKV files which you can easily transfer to your Android phone, tablet, and more external media players to enjoy them without worries.

    👍 More Features of MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader:

    • Built-in with a Netflix browser to access the whole Netflix Library
    • Supports full HD 1080P quality to convert Netflix videos
    • Saves original audio tracks and subtitles in different languages
    • Supports 5X faster download speed than Netflix Android App
    • Batch downloads a whole series with episodes selectable
    • Keeps the downloaded Netflix videos offline forever without expiration

    Here are the steps on how to download Netflix movies to Android phones/tablets using MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader.

    Step 1. Sign into Netflix Account and Search for Netflix Videos

    When you have installed MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader, open the software and sign in with your Netflix account. After this, you will access the search interface. By using the search bar, you can quickly search for the Netflix video you want to download to your phone or tablet.

    Search for Netflix Video to Download

    💡 Note:

    Before you use MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader to download Netflix movies to Android, please make sure that your Netflix account is subscribed to at least the Basic Plan (With Ads), otherwise, the download will not be successful.

    Step 2. Select Format, Audio/Subtitle Language, and Subtitle Type

    Click the “Settings” icon on the top-right corner, you can freely change the “Output Format”, language for both the “Audio”, “Subtitle”, then also the subtitle type based on the needs for all videos at once.
    Settings of MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

    Step 3. Download Netflix Videos Offline Directly

    After finishing the settings, just click the download button and the Netflix video will directly be downloaded offline. If there is more than 1 video contained in the search result, you will need to open it and select those you want to download exactly.
    Select Season or Episodes

    Step 4. Transfer the Downloaded Netflix Videos to Android Device

    When Netflix videos are downloaded successfully, you can find them in “History”.
    Netflix Download History on MovPilot

    Then, you can connect your Android phone or tablet to your computer, create a folder that you want to store the movie, and directly drag the downloaded Netflix video files to it. After that, you can watch them offline on the tablet freely without using the Netflix app but in the best 1080p quality.
    Transfer Downloaded Videos to Android Devices

    3. FAQs on Downloading Movies from Netflix to Android

    Q1: How to Find Downloaded Netflix Movies on Android Devices?

    If you are using the Netflix Android App to download Netflix movies on Android devices, then you can check all your downloaded videos under “Menu” > “Downloads” in the lower right corner of the App. Tap to enter the Downloads section, then you can tap to watch them offline.
    Check Downloaded Videos on Netflix App

    Q2: Why Can’t I Download Netflix Movies on My Android?

    There are several reasons why you may not be able to download Netflix movies on Android, such as the version of the Netflix App on your Android phone/tablet being outdated, the network connection being unreliable, and the storage of your device being insufficient.

    To fix the Netflix Download not working problem, you need to make sure your phone is in good Internet or Wi-Fi connections first, then update the Netflix App on your Android to the latest version, and also check if your phone or SD card has enough memory to support Netflix video downloads.

    If the above solutions do not help, then the Netflix video or episode you want to download may be restricted by the copyright holder, or by the region you’re in. In this case, you can check out Netflix’s official website for more information.


    After reading this post, you have learned how to download movies from Netflix to Android phones/tablets in 2 useful ways. Because of the drawbacks of the official method shown above, it will be a better choice to try MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader for better experiences and easier steps to follow. Hit the button below and install this powerful program, and you will be satisfied.

    MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

    Download Netflix Movies and Shows to Watch Offline Easily!




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